Products tailored to the needs of our customers

NemCall aligns its products and services to the real needs of families in order to integrate digitally excluded marginal groups into the new life worlds of digitally networked families according to age and group.

The products should meet the technical requirements of the users and areas of application with regard to state-of-the-art security and technology standards, installed components, materials used and processing.
The services offered, ranging from customer service and user interfaces to the development of software solutions, are intended to cover a broad spectrum and at the same time pursue an innovative and perfectly thought-out approach to the operating concept. The primary objective is to make use and application as simple and efficient as possible.

Every optimization is only as good as it is applied.

Who does not use a product cannot take up the promised use. But more and more often products are found on the market whose main beneficiary is not the same as the active user of the product. In this case, the user either has to be explained the benefit of the product or solutions and advantages are integrated that the user inzentiveren the product out of own interest to use.

We always follow the approach to consider as much benefit as possible for the user himself and to enable a maximum of transparency for all parties involved.