nemCall – App for parents, relatives and teachers

The nemCall App – Clear, Intuitive, Innovative, secure

After pairing with a nemCall-Watch, a map is displayed with the current position of the paired nemCall-Watch. Clicking on the marker opens the context menu from which you can call the watch (voice or video call), send a message / emoji or access one of the many other functions

Useful for the whole family

Tasks and schedulers, timetables and much more make it much easier for the modern family to coordinate. You can also set the alarm clock on the watch using the app, mute the watch during school and much more… 

You decide who has access

As the first paired device, you have full control over who has access to the respective nemCall-Watch and who doesn’t. The sophisticated rights system is based on different user groups to which you can assign different authorizations. In addition, all security-relevant setting changes must be confirmed on your end.

APP Development

It goes without saying that the software of our products is developed and programmed in Europe in compliance with all data protection regulations and that the data storage on our servers is completely encrypted and carried out in European datacenters with the highest level of protection against downtime and state-of-the-art security mechanisms.

You are in control

The development of a child progresses rapidly and there is always something new to discover. In order not to disturb this development, access to the digital world should not be too early and certainly not unattended. 

Nevertheless, the digital world offers many possibilities to make life easier for families and especially for living together. In order to solve this balancing act, we have invested a lot of time and effort in the development of the app and software to leave you in control, while not leaving you alone with tons of functions

With nemCall, your children can call you freely, but they have no possibility to play uncontrolled mobile games or access content from the Internet.

The nemCall-Watch adapts to your wishes

Of course, you can determine who can be called from the nemCall-Watch or who can call your child’s nemCall-Watch. Via the admin app you also have the possibility to activate or deactivate functions of the watch, depending on which of the functions you consider useful for your child

Age appropriate and preference-based profiles

After pairing a nemCall-Watch, you have the option of setting up the watch with a wizard, maximum mode or in minimum mode. While in minimum mode all functions are reduced to a minimum by default and in maximum mode all functions are activated, the assistant offers the possibility to activate and define the settings of the watch based on the age of your child as well as on your selected preferences (in the categories monitoring, emergency, communication, freedom, independence, etc.). 

We have previously evaluated the preset “profiles” in a large number of tests with parents to make it as easy as possible for you to set them up. Of course you can edit all these presets manually and adapt them to your individual needs. 

More than just a gadget

The functional range of the clock is already very extensive, but even we cannot think of everything yet. In order to be able to extend the range of functions in the future, we are currently planning an App Store in which you can download further educational game and learning apps for the watch and install them on the nemCall-Watch.