nemCall – The smartest watch for Kids

nemCall is not only a watch, a mobile phone or a camera, it is also a GPS and fitness tracker for children. In addition nemCall offers learning modules, organization tools, information systems and a large security package to make the daily lives of parents and children easier. 

nemCall has been designed with children’s needs in mind, as well as an app for parents, guardians, family members and teachers that is easy to use, understandable and intuitive to customize.

With a quality app from Denmark, modern Scandinavian design and the highest safety standards, nemCall clears away the teething troubles of previous wristphones. 

nemCall accompanies you all day long, no matter what you have in mind. 

The most advanced children’s smartwatch

This high quality and modern watch with touch screen and water resistant IP67 case will please your child. With just one nano sim card for the watch and the free app for your smartphone (in 11 languages)GPS and LBS tracking keeps you informed of where your child is. With the Geofence function, you can determine the area the child is supposed to be and the app notifies you when the child leaves this area.


Your child will love the watch

Who’s child doesn’t want to be like “the big ones”? But that’s not so easy if you can’t read the watch yet. With symbols nemCall wants to help the kids to be more independent in everyday life. And, of course, they also get to know the time in a playful way. 

Telephoning made easy

You define the contacts (in the app) that your child can call and also those that can call your child. Your child can select the desired person from the contacts (with picture or symbol) and call them by simply touching them. If the person they want to reach is not available, your child can send a voice message

In an emergency, your child can also reach you (and up to 3 other people) immediately by pressing the SOS button for 4 seconds.

In addition to excellent voice quality, the watch also has a front camera so you can not only hear but also see your child. Of course, your child can also see you on the phone and all communication is encrypted to protect you and your child.

Capturing and sharing moments

How many times have you taken a picture of a beautiful moment in your life and shared it with friends and family? Your child now has this opportunity too (when you activate it). Your child can now take photos and videos and share them with family and friends. 

More exercise playfully

Your children will be rewarded for exercise (steps and/or calories) with points, which in return open up new playing possibilities. As parents, for example, you can offer your kids a reward system in which you may read two bedtime stories instead of one, or allow them to watch a episode of their favourite series when they reach a certain score. 

Tasks and scheduling

With the app on the smartphone, parents create a visual schedule for their children. Light vibrations and icon pop-ups draw the children’s attention to their memories. The look is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 10, with the clock displaying the time and associated icons that children use to perform specific tasks or functions.

Individual and adaptable

n addition to customizing background images and entire themes, you can replace the silicone wristband, which also protects the watch and is equipped with an NFC chip, at any time without tools. This makes the watch even more flexible and it can also be worn as a necklace or attached to clothing with a clip as well.

The smartwatch for children of safety-oriented parents

Protection for your data

In order to offer you the highest level of protection, all communication with our servers hosted in Europe takes place with 256-bit encryption according to the latest security standards. In addition, all data is stored on the servers in encrypted form. If you permit it, the data can be transmitted unencrypted to security authorities in emergency situations. 

Security thought ahead

Hubs the extensive setting options for tracking the nemCall-Watch, you can define security zones (GPS-Fence) time-coupled and temporary so when they leave the zone you will be automatically notified.  But also emergency contacts, emergency settings, disaster warnings (via catwarn), first-aider information (with ICEdot) and much more is already integrated to provide you with a maximum of safety for your child. 

When the situation gets serious

In addition to an SOS emergency call button, nemCall has two built-in cameras that are activated immediately after the emergency call is triggered.  The recorded images including the ambient noise and the current position are then continuously sent to our servers until you deactivate the alert in the app.  If the child gets lost, it can simply send its location to you. Using GPS tracking, WiFi localization and GSM triangulation, you can also locate your child at any time – or check the 72-hour history of where the little ones have been.